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Dental clinic in Heidelberg
The right strategy for success

Our team of dentists and dental technicians start by thoroughly and comprehensively analysing your particular dental situation. Using the therapy plan derived from this analysis, your dentist will explain in detail all the necessary treatment steps and possible alternatives. This way, we always achieve an optimum result that you will be completely happy with.

Our range of services

habios Prophylaxe


Prophylaxis is the basis of every modern, long-term therapy concept for teeth. Good prophylactic treatment includes not only professional tooth cleaning ...
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habios Zahnersatz

Dentures - high quality aesthetic

The aesthetics of our teeth are becoming increasingly important in our society. A beautiful smile gives the impression of openness, warmth and self-confidence ...
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habios Implantologie


In modern dentistry, there are many types and forms of dental prosthesis. However, there is only one that can replace the lost tooth again in a natural way in terms of both function and ...
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habios Funktionsanalyse

Functional analysis

We might feel pain in one part of the body even though its cause lies somewhere else. Pain caused by abnormal occlusion is therefore not always felt in the mouth ...
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The service spectrum in our Dental clinic in Heidelberg includes:

Our precision saves you time

The particular advantage of our dental clinic in Heidelberg is the fact that our wide range of expertise is all located in one place. In addition to ambulatory treatment by the dentist in the clinic, we carry out operations that require an anaesthetic, and we also have our own dental dental-laboratoryatory.

Thanks to these short distances, we are able to provide you with a precise schedule, reducing the time you spend waiting.

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Our certificates

We are proud to offer our patients a very good service. Get a picture of the certificates of the habios Praxisklinik Heidelberg.

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Qualitaetszertifikat 2022
Ästhetische Zahnmediziner
in Heidelberg auf jameda
in Heidelberg auf jameda
in Heidelberg auf jameda

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