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A person's natural tooth colour may change through external influences such as nicotine, caffeine or tannin. Teeth may also discolour with age. Today, though, gleaming white teeth are considered attractive, and people therefore want to fight against discolouration. With today's bleaching process, we can help you achieve a gleaming white smile.

Bleaching refers to the lightening of teeth with chemicals. There are two types: “home bleaching”, which is carried out at home based on instructions from the dentist, or “office bleaching”, done in the dental clinic.

Office Bleaching

First, the teeth are cleaned. We then protect the gums and oral cavity and apply the bleaching agent directly onto the tooth. The bleaching effect is activated by a soft laser. The dark colour in the substance of the teeth is destroyed by the process of oxidation. After treatment lasting about 2 hours, the teeth are noticeably whiter. In contrast to home bleaching, one appointment is enough to achieve a satisfactory result, thanks to the high concentration of the bleaching agent.

After the treatment, we apply fluoride to your bleached teeth to harden them.

Home Bleaching

If you choose home bleaching, we first provide you with instructions on the method and effect of this type of bleaching. We give you the required materials to take home and you can then whiten your teeth at home over a period of approximately 2 weeks. For this, you wear a splint filled with bleaching gel for a couple of hours a day.

Here too, the teeth should be treated with fluoride to harden them.

Possible problems

You must bear in mind that fillings are not lightened as a result of bleaching. If you have fillings in your front teeth, you should therefore consider having them replaced to make them match the bleached teeth. Crowns, bridges and implants cannot be lightened through bleaching either. Only healthy teeth should be bleached, as teeth with tooth decay are not really suited to bleaching.

After bleaching, teeth may be sensitive to heat and cold for a couple of days. The gums may also be slightly sore following the treatment, but this usually passes after a few days.

For more information on office and home bleaching, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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