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Digital radiography (3D)

As a result of relentless and continuous technological developments, radiography and x-ray processes have been enhanced and have brought advantages for dental treatment, in particular.

Advantages of digital radiography

  • Images are available immediately after having been taken
  • Images are available immediately multiple times
  • Images can be digitally postprocessed
  • Cross-sectional imaging allows the viewing of individual layers
  • Elements in the image can be marked and measured
  • Areas can be enlarged with the zoom function
  • 3D reconstruction is possible (e.g. of vascular trees)
  • Images do not need to be retaken
  • Chemicals are no longer needed to develop the films
  • Depending on the system, the patient is subject to lower radiation

Digital radiography dentist Heidelberg

With this new technology, the process is not only faster and lower in radiation. Thanks to digital postprocessing, it is also possible to study the areas affected more intensively prior to treatment. This offers a huge advantage and above all greater safety and reliability in the diagnosis, planning and execution of a dental therapy, such as treatment for wisdom teeth or the setting of an implant. This enormously facilitates treatment planning and renders some treatment steps unnecessary. This in turn reduces the length of time needed for treatment as well as the healing time, and the patient is subjected to less stress.

If you are interested in our 3D digital radiography process, please contact us. We will be happy to provide advice on your particular case.

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