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Function measurement

In our clinic, we make use of the latest achievements in dentistry, including those in the area of jaw joint measurement. This is deployed in the area of functional analysis and therapy, where the relationship between the jaw joint and the teeth/muscles of the masticatory apparatus is determined and corrected by means of appropriate therapy. Jaw joint measurement can play an important role in a fast and reliable diagnosis and in deciding on the right therapy.

Fast and accurate thanks to ARCUSdigma

ARCUSdigma works on the basis of a 3D ultrasound navigator. This enables us to collect accurate information about the movements of the lower jaw in a very short space of time. The relationship between the lower jaw and the skull is measured. This enables us to objectively analyse movement problems within a short space of time, and to arrive at a quick and accurate diagnosis.

Direct analysis with the DIR® system

We also use the DIR® (Dynamic and Intraoral Registration) system in our clinic. This can again help us identify jaw misalignment and treat this with long-term success. It also helps us to determine and document treatment success over the long term.

Function measurement

The DIR® system registers movements. The transferred and converted signals are evaluated in a computer-aided system. This consists of a measuring sensor, measuring amplifier and an electronic XY measuring table, which is automatically controlled by stepper motors. With this sophisticated, computer-aided sensor technology, we are able to arrive at a clear diagnosis. This evidence can be reproduced and development can therefore be documented over many years.

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