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Protective grinding splint

Protective grinding splint

A protective grinding splint prevents a patient from grinding his or her teeth at night. The grinding of teeth (bruxism) is a serious problem that damages the teeth in the long run. It is a common problem today, as more and more people are grinding their teeth at night.

The grinding of teeth occurs when the teeth are clenched firmly together. The high pressure can cause fissures in the enamel and wear down the tooth. Patients also frequently suffer from headaches that can be traced back to teeth grinding.

Most often, people grind their teeth while asleep. This can go undetected for years if nobody else notices the noise it causes. In our practice, we can tell from an abnormally high abrasion of the dental cusp whether a patient grinds his or her teeth at night.

Before going to bed, you place the protective grinding splint, which is custom made in our laboratory for each patient, over your teeth and it effectively protects them against damage from nocturnal grinding.

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The grinding of teeth is usually caused by stress in day-to-day life that is not dealt with while awake. It is therefore a good idea to not only protect the teeth with a protective grinding splint, but also take parallel measures aimed at relieving tension.

We make a customised protective grinding splint for you following an in-depth functional analysis. If you have any questions or would like individual advice, please contact us.

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