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Functional therapy

If the interaction between the upper and lower jaw is incorrect, pain often ensues in the teeth, jaw or neck when the teeth are clenched. Popping or clicking sounds and jaw locking are also possible symptoms of CMD (craniomandibular dysfunction). A misalignment of the jaw can also affect the structure of the entire body.

If CMD was diagnosed in a functional analysis, we perform jaw joint therapy in our dental surgery. We primarily attempt to eliminate the misalignment and thus the pain through reversible therapy. This method is preferable to a prosthetic intervention as the treatment with a bite splint costs less and asks less of the patient.

Based on the results of the functional analysis, we create a customised splint for the patient. There are three kinds of bite splints:

  • Reflex splints
  • Equilibrium splints
  • Positioning splints

Reflex splints

The main purpose of the reflex splint is to relax the masticatory organ. It is used to break a habitual pattern of movement or behaviour. This allows the muscles to relax and loosen, which significantly reduces problems in the jaw joint.

Functional therapy Heidelberg

Equilibrium splints

The equilibrium splint is also known as a Michigan splint or centric splint. First of all, the relationship between the upper and lower jaw and the movement sequence of the lower jaw are analysed. In most cases, the equilibrium splint is made for the upper jaw. It is made of transparent plastic, covers all teeth and is mainly used at night. The splint ensures that there is even contact between all front and side teeth of the lower jaw. This splint relieves the burden on the masticatory muscles and leads to a significant relaxation in the jaw, face and head area.

Positioning splints

A positioning splint is used to bring the jaw joint permanently into a relaxed (centric) position. Depending on the individual's initial situation, the splint is worn for anything from a few weeks to several months. The jaw is gradually moved to the correct position, relieving the tension caused by the jaw misalignment. We regularly adjust the positioning splint.

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