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Treatment under anaesthetic

In many cases, pain-free treatment can be achieved with the help of a local anaesthetic. In some cases, however, a general anaesthetic makes more sense for the patient than a local anaesthetic in the oral cavity.

But when should a dentist carry out treatment under general anaesthetic?

A general anaesthetic is recommended if:

  • The pain is too great for a local anaesthetic
  • The patient has a strong gag reflex
  • The patient has motor function problems or a mental disability
  • The patient has a fear of dentists

At the patient's request, we offer a general anaesthetic for extensive or complex treatments. We also offer treatment under general anaesthetic for patients who suffer from a dentist phobia.

General anaesthetic

The general anaesthetic can be extended over several hours so that even complex and lengthy treatments can be carried out in just a few sessions.

Before treatment under general anaesthetic, detailed consultations and tests are carried out. Under anaesthetic, you are also monitored by our experienced anaesthetists. If you would like further information on this topic, please contact us.

We will be happy to advise you..

Nowadays, the risk associated with a general anaesthetic is very low, as long as the patient is healthy. Anaesthetics are being constantly developed, so today, tolerance is better than ever. The anaesthetic leaves the body more quickly and the risk of side effects has become lower.

treatment under anaesthetic

How do I know if I have a dentist phobia?

Many people feel uneasy when they know they have to visit the dentist, and go with misgivings. With a dentist phobia, the fear of going to the dentist can be so great that a person may avoid it for many years. Patients wait until the pain is unbearable.

A dentist phobia can also manifest itself physically. Even the thought of visiting a dentist can cause dizziness, sweating, nausea, a racing heart or even circulatory failure.

Healthy people who suffer from a fear of dentists can be treated under general anaesthetic.

Today, we can help these people with a general anaesthetic, so the patient is unaware of the treatment. As a result, even patients with a phobia can get treatment.

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